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What is This?

This is a musical album released in colouring book form so that the listener might be inspired to colour outside the lines.

What's With the Face?

Well, the left eye brings you here, the right eye takes you to the order form and the mouth is your gateway to the music!

What are those Pictures?

At the release party on 21 March, 2015 in Munich, Germany, at the Salong Solang atelier, guests were allowed to colour in some pages from the colouring book while listening to the record backwards. A few pictures found their way to the site.

What exactly am I hearing?

For every currency unit that flows in, a portion of the album will be released until the album costs are recouped. At that point, the album will be free to hear/stream in its entirety from this site. Until then, random portions of the album will be available to hear, thus hopefully giving the listener a good sample of what is to come. Just head on over to the order form to purchase a colouring book and/or donate toward the cause!

What is the Meaning of Life?

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colouring book

Qty:  € 19.95
  • 66 pages for you to colour in
  • microSD card with all the songs
  • download-code to download the entire album in different formats

colouingbook vinyl

We're planning to do a vinyl release, but before we do, we'd like to know how many people are inerested so we konw approximately how many to order. If you're interested, just click the link below (opens a new window).

Pre-order Vinyl

Reverse Crowdfunding

The price of the colouring book is such that if all of them are sold, then the costs of the album and book production are more or less covered. But since we've all come to know and love the "crowdfunding" business model, some of us are willing/able to donate more to projects that interest us. Below I've listed a few "rewards" for those willing to help donate to covering every-day costs and help with the production of the next musical adventure.


"crayon fun-pack"

 €  20

Mix of 8 Crayola™ crayons that were used during the release party.


"animal in my soup"

 €  20

Custom plastic animal toy enhance your colouring experience


"grab bag"

 €  150

I'll find some cool little bauble that is of personal importance and send it to you along with a description of what it is and why it is important to me.


"compare and contrast"

 €  250

I'll colour in the half of the book so you can colour in the other half and see who has more artistic potential


"the lazy man"

 €  500

I'll colour in the whole book for you if you want


"a Munich summer day"

 €  1000

we can spend the day together in Munich in the spring or summer and I'll take you to all my favourite places that inspire me (you have to get yourself to Munich, Germany)




Donate any sum and you'll receive a personalisation along with your order. Be creative!

*** 19% VAT included in price of book and shipping ***